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How are your vehicle brakes? Are you listening to them?


We all know how lovely it is to be driving along on a gorgeous day with the windows down and the radio blasting out some tunes, and it's easy to forget that you're hurtling along in a massive chunk of steel and glass at 60mph.  You should know that it could take you approximately the length of a football field to come to a halt should you need to suddenly stop and that is only if you've kept one of THE most critical safety systems well maintained.......your BRAKES!

There are several warning signs that indicate your vehicle’s brakes aren't working correctly and need attention; do you know what they are? 

Here is a selection;

1.      grinding noise

2.      squeaking noise

3.      vehicle pulling to the left or right

4.      pulsating sensation from the pedal

5.      spongy feeling

6.      juddering

7.      metal on metal noise

8.      and of course warning light on your dashboard

Are your brakes on your vehicle making a squealing noise? Did you know that most brake pads are designed to start making a squeaky or squealing noise when they are worn down to the last 25%?  This is to alert you that it is time to have your brakes inspected and possibly replaced.  Obviously brake noise can occur for other reasons than worn out pads which is why it is important that you have your vehicle checked by a trained mechanic.  We don't need to tell you how vital it is that your vehicle has properly functioning brakes but we can advise you if they are in need of replacing.  If you are in any way concerned about your brakes, give us a call here at Mototecnics in Poole and we can arrange to inspect them for you and advise accordingly.

Your vehicle’s brakes make all sorts of weird and wonderful noises to alert you that something may well be wrong and not working correctly, but you will only hear these warning noises if you listen and take notice.
If your brakes have reached the stage of making a harsh grinding sound this means that you have gone completely through your brake’s pads meaning now, when you apply your brakes, the metal of the calipers is grinding against the metal of your rotors.......uh oh not only does this mean that it's an ineffective way to stop your car but also that you could damage your rotors......further expense. 

Drivers, please make sure that your vehicle’s brakes are well maintained and working correctly.  If you are unsure then why not pop in to see us here at Mototecnics in Poole where we are happy to help you.  Taking regular care of your vehicle's braking system can help to prevent costly repairs in the long term.  Waiting too long to change your brake pads is dangerous.  Brake pads do wear down over time and obviously this reduces your vehicle's ability to stop.  It is vital that your vehicle braking system is working effectively and you need to be fully confident that they are, so if there is any doubt in your mind then please give Mototecnics in Poole a call and arrange for us to check them for you.   You can call us during working hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm & Saturday 8:30am-1pm on 01202 672079 or arrange via our booking form on our website

Please remember that luckily there are warning signs that alert you that it is time to think about replacing your current brake pads.



There are warning signs, learn them, take notice of them and take some action

Stay safe!

Your safety is paramount.   Precious cargo is being carried.