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5 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When Your Car Breaks Down

Whilst there is never a good time for your car to breakdown, why do they always seem to fail us in THE worst possible situations? Outside a restaurant full of people (embarrassing), on the way to drop the kids off at school (as if that isn’t stressful enough) or when you decided to nip to the corner shop in your unicorn pyjamas and fluffy slippers (say no more). Here are five thoughts that go through your head when you breakdown – how many can you relate to?


Okay, we all do it and somehow the odd few obscenities make the situation seem just that little bit better. Now, after that little misdemeanour it’s time to deal with the situation in hand…

Thought #2: How am I going to get to * insert destination here *?
Our cars help us get from A to B (or A to Z via T Y G V and R in most cases!) So usually we breakdown when we’re on the way somewhere and we very often have a certain time in which to get there. Breaking down is never in the day’s agenda but unless you have a meeting with The Grinch people are usually pretty sympathetic to your situation. Let the team at Mototecnics arrange for you to be rescued from as little as £50 and get you back on your way as soon as possible.

Thought #3: Okay so, how will I survive without a car?
As much as we like to think that we could easily survive without a car and become super fit by walking here, there and everywhere, the reality is somewhat different. Mototecnics to the rescue again…we are able to provide a free courtesy car service whilst your four-wheeled friend is in the safe and expert hands of a Mototecnics mechanic. 

Thought #4: I guess its beans on toast until payday then?
Fixing a car can be expensive and unfortunately you don’t always know when a problem is going to arise. Unexpected car bills are rarely in the monthly budget. Here at Mototecnics we pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible service at an extremely competitive price so as not to break the bank.

Thought #5: Time for a take-away
We agree! Breaking down can be one of THE most stressful situations, so it’s definitely an excuse to treat yourself. Besides, we think you’ve had enough to deal with today without having to go home to prepare dinner. Call up your favourite curry house, put your feet up on the sofa and binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix, you deserve it!

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