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Fundraising for Poole Hospital Charity

Fundraising for Poole Hospital Charity

Robert Eaton owner of Mototecnics

My story……


On 12 Nov 2011, my 47th birthday, my wife Debbie, our close friends and I were sat at the breakfast table, a really happy moment!  How things can change in a heartbeat.  Debbie complained of severe pain in her belly, alarm bells were sounding in my head...not again....our son Ryan died age 17 on 23 October 2009 of a ruptured aortic aneurysm.  Debbie suffers from Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as did Ryan, look it up, it's scary reading!

Debbie collapsed unconscious, no colour, I couldn't find a pulse and her breathing was really shallow...it was happening again!  I am a former Royal Marine and your military training kicks in.  It doesn't mean you are not scared, just the opposite in fact.  You just control it, you have to!  A airway, B breathing, C circulation.  I moved Debbie into the recovery position, maintained her airway and dialled 999 our only hope.

Debbie's splenic artery aneurysm had spontaneously ruptured pumping blood into her belly.  I prayed they would be quick as no matter what I did there was no way I could save her.  I knew only too well that I needed an amazing surgeon and alot of help from the "Big Man" upstairs.  That day my prayers were answered.  8 days in ITU (Intensive Care Unit) and 3 weeks on Ward B4 and then unbelievably, Debbie came home.

So, how do you thank the man that against ALL the odds saves the life of your wife?  Then, how do you thank all of those who supported his amazing work to ensure Debbie’s recovery?  Words are just are not enough!!

This is how Mr Qureshi saw that day:  "When I first met Mrs Eaton, she had suffered catastrophic internal bleeding which was a risk to her life. This was due to a ruptured blood vessel called an aneurysm.  Although it was known Mrs Eaton had this aneurysm, it was deemed too risky to operate on routinely.  The situation I was faced with meant that without intervention, Mrs Eaton would have died; therefore I operated to at least give her a chance of survival.  Thankfully, I was able to control the bleeding and fix the aneurysm.  Understandably, the recovery was protracted due to the massive blood transfusion required, but it was largely uneventful.  Obviously we are all absolutely delighted with the outcome, which is also due to the tenacity and determination of Mrs Eaton herself. "

Modest for a surgeon, but that day I saw his eyes and the sweat on his brow, Mr Qureshi knew he had earned his pay that day!  More than that, my total admiration, respect and undying thanks.


From that point onwards I decided to try and help, to give back.  So I started working with Tas Qureshi by fundraising for Poole Hospital.  In November of 2012 I started with the aim of raising £10k and in June 2014 the target was achieved so we set a new goal.  Tas explained to me his dream of bringing Robotic Surgery to Poole, to create a Centre of Excellence in Robotic Surgery…..I was in!  What an amazing dream! 


Strange and wonderful things happen and in October 2015 Mr Robert Braithwaite CBE Founder and President of the luxury powerboat manufacturer Sunseeker was so impressed with the treatment he received as a patient at Poole Hospital whilst under the care of Tas Qureshi that he gifted a £3.5m DaVinci Robot to Poole!!!


The story is not over and we are going to need YOUR help into the future….Under the guidance and leadership of Tas Qureshi Poole Hospital has now achieved accreditation as a European Centre of Excellence for Robotic Surgery.  In order to continue the development of this fantastic project there is much to do and Tas will be launching a new phase to this amazing dream in the near future….WATCH THIS SPACE!!


On behalf of Mr Qureshi, Poole Hospital Charity and myself THANK YOU in anticipation.