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Air Conditioning Recharge Poole

Does your vehicle's air conditioning need servicing?

Why you should have your vehicle's air conditioning system serviced and re-charged!…..also known as re-gassing!

1.      You’ve noticed unpleasant smells in your vehicle

2.    It is not blowing cold enough

3.    Your windows are not demisting

4.    There are weird noises when the aircon is on

5.    You notice you are getting a runny nose/headache when running the A/C

Your vehicle air con system is not part of a normal service.  Therefore, it is recommended that you have your air con system serviced approximately every 2 years.  You can lose up to 20% of it's refrigerant every year due to natural leakage, and remember a badly performing aircon system can increase your fuel costs as the aircon pump has to work harder.

The majority of reasons why your vehicle air conditioning system is not working properly are due to lack of gas and this could be due to a leak or lack of having the air con system serviced.

The air con system can also create a build-up of fungus, bacteria and other microbes (yuk!) inside the evaporator when it is under-performing.  This can cause unpleasant smells and sometimes even allergic reactions.

What is included in your Mototecnics vehicle air con re-charge service?

1.      Check all the A/C Systems parts – hoses, belts, condenser, compressor, fans, electrics…

2.      Check the internal system controls, flaps, heating

3.      Remove any old refrigerant and oil

4.      Pressure test the system

5.      Remove any moisture – vacuum test to ensure no cracks or damage

6.      Re-gas A/C system to vehicle's specification with refrigerant and lubricant

7.      Inject UV dye (if leak detected)

8.      Test the system, check temperature and controls

9.      Remove & replace pollen/dust filter


If we become aware that something needs repairing, such as leaks and/or failed components these will need to be fixed in addition to the re-charge. The system must be repaired before re-gassing as it is illegal to put refrigerant gas into a leaking system.  Of course you will be kept informed and advised up front of any repairs that need to be carried out and what this will cost.

You should run your air con system regularly, preferably weekly, to help prevent problems occurring and to make sure it continues to work efficiently and effectively.

We all know what comfort the air conditioning brings us during those hot days out on the road but did you know that it can also be used in the winter to de-mist your windscreen?  The AC system creates dry warm air which can clear your windscreen much quicker than that of regular blowers.

So in summary, keep an eye on your AC system, use it regularly, keep the refrigerant topped up and get it serviced at least every 2 years.  Do not wait for something to stop working properly before getting it looked at.  Bring your vehicle into Mototecnics in Poole and let us re-charge your air con system and help keep you ‘cool’ throughout your journey.  To book you can call Mototecnics on 01202 672079 or use our booking form here on our website.

Mototecnics is your vehicle air conditioning service centre here in Poole and we are also able to offer to disinfect your AC vent and de-bug the AC system to clear any bacterial build up.

Are you noticing any nasty smell appear when using your AC?  Did you realise that over time harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses can accumulate in the air-con system?  If left untreated these can cause bad odours, headaches, and allergic reactions....sounds horrid BUT we are able to resolve this for you with an air-con deodoriser which will clean and purify your entire air-con system leaving you with a pleasant fragrance.  This is available as a standalone service.  However should you have this done at the same time as your air-con recharge this can be offered at a reduced rate.  All you then have to do is decide on Fresh Water or Vanilla....

Mototecnics very much look forward to hearing from you and to helping you keep cool whilst out on the road.